Ortstermin. Jutta Dunkel - Martin Rosswog


Kunstmuseum Villa Zanders
Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 8
51465 Bergisch Gladbach


In his long-term photographic project, Becher student Martin Rosswog (*1950) focuses on a documentary description of rural living spaces. His picture series include both historically grown and modern elements, occasionally even comparing them. However, his gaze is never nostalgically transfigured - his approach is systematic, his pictorial language objective.


Jutta Dunkel's (*1958) sensually delicate drawings are also devoted to the signs of the times. With a patient, attentive eye, she documents the transience of the organic in her partly large-format works or examines the fleeting traces of individual existences in different memory rooms.

The 2020 site date is entirely dedicated to temporal legacies. The observations of different spaces and of life in them dare to build a bridge between the past, the present and what will become of it.